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NFRC Charitable Trust

NFRC Charitable Trust launches inclusion fund

3 mins NFRC Charitable Trust launches fund to support roofing industry’s diversity and inclusion efforts The NFRC Charitable Trust has approved a new Inclusion Fund to support…

Airflow AIR500-10

Sustainability tops Airflow’s priority list

< 1 mins At Airflow, sustainability is key to our daily operations. The new cardboard packaging lessens fuel consumption associated with multiple deliveries, by ensuring we reduce the…

Pallet Loop pallets on forklift

Are you in the LOOP?

2 mins Every year around 18 million pallets are made exclusively for the UK construction industry, the vast majority of which are used once, then skipped or…

Bauder Designing for rooftop sustainability

Designing flat roofs for sustainability

2 mins As urban expansion continues to absorb natural habitats, landscaping a flat roof can act as practical use of space providing fresh areas to replace lost habitats…

Look up and join the revolution

Look up and join the roof revolution

2 mins REVOLUTIONS DON’T START THEMSELVES. SOMETIMES YOU’VE GOT TO BE THE ONE TO SPARK IT. For decades at AXTER, we’ve been dedicated to designing and building…