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One of the north’s important railway stations was built in 1867 and redeveloped in 2011 at an estimated cost of £2,000,000.

The ticket office underwent a major rebuild with a view to helping the local economy and modernising the facility, while ensuring the aesthetics were in line with the historic route of the building. 

Unfortunately, several years later, this station had reports of leaks across various walkways and podiums into the sub-level below. A versatile approach was required to ensure the works could be conducted swiftly and safely while maintaining the original project.

THE CHALLENGE: Safety and speed are a necessity on all projects; however, when working on access routes in close proximity to the public, ultralow odour is also paramount. Several walkways and plinths required urgent refurbishment with minimal disruption to service, calling for a cold applied, ultra-low odour, non-hazardous membrane to be utilised.

THE SOLUTION: Local contractors were originally looking at an old PMMA system but required a safer alternative and approached CENTAUR TECHNOLOGIES for its innovative products and unrivalled devotion to installer and public wellbeing.

Centech APA was utilised, as the quick cure, hard-wearing product allowed for the complete system to be installed and trafficable within the expedited time frame. 

The Centech APA, like all of Centaur’s waterproofing products, is ultra-low-odour, non-flammable and free from the harmful materials found in the balcony waterproofing products, making it the safest liquid membrane to install on the market today.

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