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BBA Certification for Mapei Purtop 1000N

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MAPEI PURTOP 1000N liquid roof waterproofing system has been awarded BBA Certification. A two-component solvent-free, fast-curing pure polyurea membrane, Purtop 1000N forms a waterproof coating for roofs, podium decks and storage tanks.

Purtop 1000N was assessed as a waterproofing layer on pitched and flat roofs, with pedestrian and limited access, including green roofs and roof gardens, and fulfilled all requirements.

Key factors tested included fire safety, hygiene, health and the environment—including watertightness, resistance to mechanical damage, root penetration, slip resistance and durability. It was also assessed for design, installation, workmanship maintenance and repair, manufacture, delivery and site handling.

The BBA Certificate 23/7057 confirms that Purtop 1000N achieves a classification of BROOF (t4) under BS EN 13501-5 : 2005 and has a service life of at least 25 years. Purtop 1000N also has WRAS approval, making it suitable for use in contact with potable water. 

Applied by spray with a high-pressure, bi-mixer-type pump, Purtop 1000N is immediately waterproof and set to light foot traffic, creating a strong, flexible membrane on new and existing surfaces, including concrete and metal. The coating has exceptional tensile and tear strength, high crack-bridging capacity—both static and dynamic—and enlongation capacity. It also provides excellent resistance to alkalis and diluted acids. No reinforcement is required, it does not form overloads on load-bearing structures and, after reticulation, the coating is completely inert. 

Purtop 1000N is also compliant with ETAG 005 (“Liquid applied roof waterproofing kit”) and suitable for contact with drinking water in accordance with Italian Ministerial Decree DM 174/04

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