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UKCA mark

NFRC responds to UKCA mark delay

< 1 min Commenting on this morning’s announcement regarding the delay to the switch from the CE mark to the the UKCA mark, Chief Executive of NFRC James…

CIJC new website launched

CIJC Employers Group Launch New Website

2 mins The employer’s group of the Construction Industry Joint Council has launched a new website in partnership with Construction Industry Publications Limited. Access to the CIJC…

Hambleside Danelaw roofing underlay

On top of his (underlay) game

< 1 min The product needed to be a durable, easy-to-install tile and slate roofing underlay—the choice was Danelaw LR150 underlay. Manufactured by HAMBLESIDE DANELAW, it is suitable…

Isoline Ondulite underlay sheets

Low pitch roofing is tops for extensions

2 mins ISOLINE ONDUTILE sheets are made of a minimum 50 per cent recycled cellulose fibres, contain no asbestos and have BBA certification. Low pitch roofing systems…

ACTIS sales director Mark Cooper

Use insulation which keeps homes cool

2 mins Using reflective insulation, such as Actis Hybrid products, can play a small part in helping mitigate the effects of hot summers. Actis UK and Ireland…

construction industry payment terms

Pay less notices—the facts

2 mins Payment in the construction industry has been a hot topic for many years. Whether it is a payment between employer and main contractor, or among…