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Crowstone Court—A Green Roof Triumph

2 mins

Crowstone Court, a Southend-on-Sea apartment block boasting breathtaking coastal views, faced a major waterproofing nightmare: a leaky podium deck flooding the car park below.

Contractors RTB ROOFING LTD and PROTEUS WATERPROOFING together crafted a solution that tackled both waterproofing and aesthetics, installing a fully-compliant green roof using the proven 25-year-guaranteed Proteus Cold Melt® system.

Proteus’ detailed approach to the project started with a bespoke survey and specification, ensuring the client understood the problem and received the most cost-effective, durable solution.

With only five weeks to complete the contract, Cold Melt® proved its agility.

Its seamless application minimised risk and kept construction on schedule. Additionally, its low odour and cold-applied application ensured resident safety and comfort.

There were several challenges; resident access, tight delivery windows and public pedestrian areas demanded clever logistics. Proteus and RTB collaborated seamlessly, planning deliveries and material storage to minimise disruption.

Bespoke balustrades with hidden fixing preserved the terrace’s elegance, while Proteus Pro-Living®’s green roof system added beauty and ecological benefits.

This drought-resistant system, featuring 13 sedum varieties, thrives in UK weather, requiring minimal maintenance.

Crowstone Court now has a watertight, stunning terrace, happy residents and a satisfied client. The building stands as a testament to the success of teamwork, innovation and Proteus’ unwavering commitment to quality—completing the project on time and within budget.

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