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Experience the Superior Performance of Don & Low’s Roofing Membranes

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As a roofer, you’re tasked with many responsibilities when selecting the ideal roofing underlay. The checklist is exhaustive: it must be proven, tested and of the highest standard. Whether it’s a re-roof, a new build or a prominent structure like a church or school, it has to be robust and designed to meet the specific needs of the project at hand. Considering the site’s location and wind zone regulations, the membrane’s air and vapour permeability emerges as another key parameter. Not to mention the constant stress about costs: there is a fine balance to be struck between guaranteeing uncompromised performance and meeting budgetary limits set by builders, architects, contractors or homeowners.

Don and Low Roofshield Product Shot
Don and Low Roofshield Product Shot

The value of a reliable manufacturer

Originally established in Scotland as a small maker of woven textiles in 1792, Don & Low has grown and diversified its manufacturing capabilities. Through strategic investments in technology and a relentless pursuit of innovative solutions, the company currently stands as one of the UK’s leading vertically integrated wovens and nonwovens manufacturers, specialising in construction membranes. Offering a complete building envelope that prioritises performance, durability and pricing, Don & Low remains ahead of the industry’s constantly evolving demands.

UK-made roofing membranes designed to perform

The company’s flagship construction membrane, Roofshield®, showcases Don & Low’s unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect. Produced in-house, Roofshield® has been a trusted name in the UK roofing industry for almost 30 years and is considered the benchmark in air and vapour-permeable pitched roofing underlays. Its innovative design allows moisture to flow through, eliminating the need for roof ventilation while contributing to the longevity and sustainability of properties.

In addition to Roofshield®, Don & Low’s roofing membrane range includes RoofTX®, which is available in several weights to suit a variety of applications and wind zones and MultiTX®, a non-breather, high-resistance roof underlay that can be used as a direct replacement for traditional roof felt or for roofs incorporating in-roof solar panels. Don & Low roofing membranes hold all essential certifications, highlighting their trustworthiness and consistent performance.

Beyond performance, building a sustainable future

Responsible environmental practices are the highest priority in the construction sector, and Don & Low recognises this. Thus, the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report for Roofshield® and RoofTX® provides objective, comparable and third-party verified data on their environmental performance during their entire lifecycle. EPDs demonstrate a manufacturer’s commitment to measuring and reducing the environmental impact of its products and services, as well as reporting those impacts very transparently. In addition, Don & Low holds the highest (Gold) membership level with the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS). The SCSS works within the construction industry to improve its environmental performance and carbon impact.

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