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Roofshield®: The Forever Original Air and Vapour Permeable Roofing Membrane

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Choosing the right roofing materials is an important first step in construction, whether building something from the ground up or renovating an old structure. Roofshield®, manufactured by Don & Low, stands out as the original air-permeable membrane, offering the perfect solution for superior roof protection.

There are common misconceptions surrounding the terminology of ‘breather’ membranes. The term ‘breathable’ implies that the membrane itself provides adequate ventilation, leading to roofs being constructed without ventilation products when, in reality, they have always been necessary. It’s crucial to point out that a roof doesn’t necessarily need ventilating if the underlay has been third-party and NHBC approved as not requiring additional ventilation.

A membrane earns the classification of a breather when it allows air and water vapour passage. In many markets, a low resistance (LR) underlay, often mistaken for a breather, is technically categorised as a vapour-permeable membrane, allowing solely for the passage of water vapour.

Air-permeable membranes, or breather membranes, facilitate air and water vapour movement. They fall under the breather category and allow for enhanced ventilation. Determining whether an underlay is breathable or “air-permeable” can be achieved by reviewing the manufacturer’s website and datasheet. It’s essential to note that the product should be accompanied by a BBA certificate, commonly denoted as ‘BBA – Cold Non-Ventilated’ and ‘BBA – Warm Non-Ventilated.’

Roofshield®, introduced in 1996, was pioneered by Don & Low, the UK’s sole vertically integrated manufacturer of construction membranes. Don & Low remains the one and only manufacturer of Roofshield®, boasting an unchanged specification that meets the highest quality standards. Thanks to its unmatched balance of physical properties, Roofshield® has revolutionised the entire industry.

5 Reasons Why Roofshield® is 'A Cut Above'

Excellent Water Resistance: Roofshield® is engineered with cutting-edge materials, produced in-house, to form a water-resistant barrier against rain and snow. This ensures your property remains dry and protected, shielding the interior from the harsh elements.

Breathability for Enhanced Ventilation: In addition to water resistance, Roofshield® offers breathability, allowing moisture vapour to escape while maintaining a weather-tight seal. This unique feature prevents issues like condensation and mould growth, ensuring a healthy indoor environment and prolonging the life of the roof and the overall structure.

Durability and Longevity: Crafted with durability in mind, Roofshield® is designed to withstand the test of time and challenges posed by external factors such as UV radiation, temperature fluctuations and environmental pollutants. Rigorous testing ensures long-term durability, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Ease of Installation: Roofshield’s ease of installation saves both time and labour costs, making it suitable for a wide range of construction projects. The straightforward installation process and elimination of the need for ventilation products ensure immediate weather resistance and speeds up the roof’s completion.

Environmental Sustainability: Committed to environmental sustainability, Roofshield® is designed with recyclable materials and produced with a focus on efficiency, minimising its carbon footprint. By choosing Roofshield®, you protect your property and contribute to a responsible and sustainable approach to construction. Moreover, Roofshield® comes with a standardised Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report.

Roofshield® stands out as a comprehensive solution for superior roof protection, embodying qualities that make it an ideal choice for builders, architects and property owners alike. With its advanced technology, breathability, durability, ease of installation and focus on environmental sustainability, Roofshield® is not just a roofing underlay; it’s a testament to excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

For almost 30 years, Roofshield® has been a tried, tested and trusted underlay in the UK, mitigating the need for roof space ventilation. Distributed directly by Don & Low, customers can now enjoy the same outstanding product at a new, lower price, reflecting the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

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