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CTF Insulation—Second to None for All Roofing Insulation Requirements

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CTF INSULATION is a leading independent tapered insulation design and supply specialist within the flat roofing industry.

It offers a range of unique and advanced insulation systems which provide a solution to all roofing insulation requirements. CTF prioritises scrupulous compliance with building regulations, U value calculations, Broof (t4) and BS 6229. It ensures its leading position by staying versed with industry and market changes.

With its diverse product systems, CTF Insulation can accommodate and design all types of roof insulations, from warm and inverted to flat and tapered roofs. It has responded to the significant changes in the market’s desire for non-combustible insulation products.

Its latest product solution is the CTF-Ultra
VIP- A2 systems: an insulation system build-up
which is composed of non-combustible
(A1 or A2) fire-rated products, providing a
complete non-combustible insulation system.

Other non-combustible products include CTF-05: Stone Wool, CTF-10/CTF-IV3: Cellular Glass, CTF-FS (fire safety boards) and CTF-UB (upstand boards).

CTF’s highly-specialised technical designers and estimators take great pride in their work and continuously strive for attention to detail.

Their unrivalled technical expertise and knowledge allows them to meet and exceed clients’ requirements and expectations, which include a dedicated technical designer for the entirety of their project and a seamless and efficient service, from initial enquiry to project completion.

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