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Manthorpe 120 LR underlay

Manthorpe launches its new roofing underlay

< 1 min MANTHORPE BUILDING PRODUCTS has supplemented its roofing range with the launch of Manthorpe120 LR. A three-layer polypropylene composite, breathable roofing underlay, it is designed to…

Manthorpe roll panel vent

We’re on a roll!

< 1 min Manthorpe’s best-selling roll panel vent just got better—now available in 1.25 m, the pre-lapped G504 double panel width (patent pending: 2011290.0) allows for improved coverage when…

Manthorpe tile ventilation

Neat new ventilation solution from Manthorpe

< 1 min The innovative Interlocking Plain Tile Ventilator joins the expansive range of profiles available from Manthorpe. It provides a quick and neat solution to the problems…