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Neat new ventilation solution from Manthorpe

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Manthorpe tile ventilation

The innovative Interlocking Plain Tile Ventilator joins the expansive range of profiles available from Manthorpe.

It provides a quick and neat solution to the problems of roof space ventilation or mechanical extraction through a roof covered in interlocking concrete plain tiles.

The patented sliding mechanism allows the vent to be fitted at two different coverage widths. This allows it to be used in conjunction with both Marley Ashmore and Redland DuoPlain tiles, but also with the varied width Gemini tile from Forticrete.

The curved, contoured profile of the vent helps it to blend seamlessly into the surrounding tiles whilst allowing for an expanded grille opening which offers 6,000 mm2 of airflow per unit.

The textured finish is available in four colours—terracotta, grey, brown and antique red—to help match a wide range of roof coverings, and can be used at both high and low levels within the roof.

All Manthorpe roof vents designs are put through stringent testing regimes to ensure their quality and durability. The interlocking plain tile vent has been independently wind tunnel-tested at the BRE to the methods recommended in BS 5534 (certificate number P108-129).

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