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Manthorpe’s best-selling roll panel vent just got better—now available in 1.25 m, the pre-lapped G504 double panel width (patent pending: 2011290.0) allows for improved coverage when lower pitch and deeper insulation details are encountered.

The castellated profile is suitable for either 400 mm, 450 mm or 600 mm rafter centres, ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects where rafter centres are not consistent or are unknown.

Designed to maintain a clear air path into the roof void from the eaves to prevent the build-up of damaging condensation, the G504 is the latest addition to range offering you a choice of four widths to suit different insulation levels. All rolls are in 6 m lengths.

The G504 is designed to be used in conjunction with other products from the Manthorpe range in order to provide a complete roof ventilation system.

Please visit for further information on its comprehensive range of building products.

Manthorpe roll panel vent
Manthorpe roll panel vent rolled up

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