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Save space, time and money… Save the planet by choosing SuperFOIL!

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SuperFOIL insulation

SuperFOIL multifoil insulation is leading the way when it comes to sustainable insulation. The space-saving qualities of SuperFOIL are reducing the numbers of lorries on the roads.

One full lorry will insulate:

  • SuperFOIL SF19+ = 32 roofs (100 m2)
  • 100 mm mineral wool = seven roofs (100 m2)
  • 100 mm of PIR board = five roofs (100 m2)

One lorry of SuperFOIL will insulate up to six times more homes than 100 mm PIR.

One pallet of SF19+ has ten times more square metre coverage than a pallet of 100 mm PIR.

By choosing SuperFOIL, a housing developer building 200 homes per year will need seven times fewer diesel trucks on the road.

In addition, the wadding material used to manufacture SuperFOIL products is produced from up to 40 per cent recycled materials, namely plastic drinking bottles. This is helping to reduce the amount of new, raw plastic materials being made.

On average, each roll of SuperFOIL SF19+ contains 450 plastic bottles. This one sustainability choice prevents over 80 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfill each year!

Made to be highly energy-efficient, SuperFOIL insulation manufactures the highest performing multifoil in the world with SF60FR, helping to reduce your heating needs during the winter and helping keep your home cooler during the summer.

By making your home more energy-efficient with sustainable insulation, you are saving money on ever-rising energy bills and helping to protect the environment.

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