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Actis’ revolutionary new product ticks speed, cleanliness, thermal efficiency, health and sustainability boxes

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The launch this spring of Actis’ revolutionary new two-in-one reflective insulation Eolis HC has caused quite a stir in the construction industry – with architects, specifiers and builders finding it helps them address some of the challenges posed by traditional forms of insulation, particularly in loft and barn conversion scenarios.

As well as being super quick to fit, it has a number of other benefits.

It’s fast to install

It enables builders and roofers to reduce the number of steps required to achieve an impressive U-value as well as airtightness in roofs. Time trials show that when insulating across timbers, using Eolis HC is at least twice as quick as using PIR board – because instead of needing to be cut to fit (which is very time consuming), the product simply goes across the face of the timbers and fills the gaps between them. The time difference is even more dramatically in favour of Eolis HC when taking into account the time taken handling materials on site and clearing up afterwards.
Actis' revolutionary new product, Eolis HC, is twice as quick to install as traditional alternatives, saving time and money
Roofer installing plasterboard using drill with Actis Eolis behind it
Actis Eolis HC is a two-in-one reflective insulation and vapour barrier which will enable builders and roofers to reduce the number of steps required to achieve an impressive U-value as well as airtightness

It counteracts thermal bridging

Actis’ existing Hybrid products are well-known for their ability to reduce thermal bridging, and the same applies to Eolis HC. The Triplex technology from which the product is created consists of several layers of reflective films, each separated by a thin layer of fibre, trapping air – an excellent insulator – between each section. This ensures airtightness and boosts thermal performance.

It contains no dust or harmful fibres

The number one bugbear for builders when installing solid insulation are the irritating dust and fibres it produces. But Eolis HC, like the Actis Hybrid range produces no such irritants, which makes for a healthier and more pleasant working environment – and means no respiratory protection is required.

It’s ideal for low headspace scenarios

Eolis HC is especially transformative for loft and barn converters dealing with shallow rafters where headroom is at a premium. The air trapped between each layer of reflective films means it’s thermally impressive despite its thinness.

It keeps homes cool in summer

Some forms of insulation can make houses blisteringly hot in the summer. Not so with Eolis HC (or indeed the Hybrid range). The reflective films from which it is created reflect 95 per cent of infrared radiation, ensuring a building will stay cool in the hottest of summers. (Although do bear in mind that it can’t address the impact of solar gain.)

Health and sustainability

Eolis HC is rated A+ for its environmental impact, has a BREEAM exemplary level of VOC release for indoor air quality and contains no harmful chemicals. It’s made with 100% recyclable components and the unique structure of the Triplex technology from which it is made allows less material to be used to achieve a U-value which would otherwise require a thicker product.

Watch a how-to installation video here and why not view our timed installation video demonstrating how quick and easy it is to install Eolis HC here.

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