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Market insights drive Klober’s range extensions

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Based on customer insights and home improvement trends, a number of range extensions from KLOBER will offer distributors and contractors more choice.

While availability and price remain high on the agenda, contractors surveyed by Klober at the beginning of 2021 said they are driven by having a wide range of roofing products. With this in mind, Klober now offers a Secret Gutter, 6 m Dry Ridge Kit, and an updated three-in-one Eaves Ventilation Pack.

As loft conversions rank high in the top 20 value-adding home improvements, Klober anticipates more demand for suitable roofing products. Well-suited for dormer conversions, Klober’s GRP Secret Gutter is a high-performance continuous abutment soaker typically used with flat interlocking tiles, which provides a secondary line of defence against wind-driven rain

With weather conditions continuing to compromise traditional methods of fixing ridge and hip tiles, sales of dry ridge systems are sustained. As such, the entry level 6 m Dry Ridge Kit has been brought to market and is well-suited to clay and concrete applications.

Finally, in response to demand for easy-to install solutions, Klober offers more sizes of its three-in-one Eaves Vent Pack. This option provides the fascia vent, felt support tray, and roll-out rafter tray, all in one pack.

Pauline Manley, Marketing Director at Klober, said: “Customer insights help us to continue investing in the solutions that are going to make their lives easier. All three of these range extensions answer a specific customer challenge or industry trend and we’ve got more to follow.

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