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EJOT’s installation guide supports best practice

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EJOT best practice guide

One of NFRC’s roles is to support contractors and installers to the point of installation—therefore the role of the Supplier Member must be to fully facilitate this aspect by offering clear and authoritative information and guidance.

In supporting the NFRC’s recommendations on fastener installation tools, EJOT UK has produced a guidance document and video to complement the aims of best practice.

Technicians at EJOT’s Applitec Centre have assessed the typical drive tools readily available, ranging from dry-lining guns to impact drivers—all compact and relatively inexpensive. Yet the general mechanics of many devices can result in an unnecessary and uncontrollable amount of torque to fasteners that have been engineered for installation at precise settings.

The majority of these tools have no clutch mechanism to safeguard against over-driving and while sometimes it may be possible to achieve a correct installation, it can be argued that at best, the installer is doing so by ‘sensory perception’—which simply cannot be relied upon across the installation of several thousand fasteners.

The guide also illustrates how to achieve correct settings that relate directly to the different type of the materials being joined, the easiest way to achieve and determine successful application, and finally how to monitor safe and correct installation throughout the project’s schedule.

Best practice guidance is essential in meeting the demands of an ever-changing industry—with collaboration between NFRC and its Supplier Members being vital in supporting the industry where it matters the most: the installer.

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