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Trio of flat roofing time and money savers new from EJOT

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EJOT has launched three solutions to help flat-roofing installers save time and money on site, as well as eliminating unnecessary labour and making installation easier from start to finish.

Re-thinking the two-step process needed on site to assemble components during single-ply roof installation, EJOT is offering a pre-assembled fastener and telescopic tubewasher combination.

Historically, these products have been supplied as separate components on an ‘assembly-as-you-go’ basis. Often time-consuming, particularly for larger roofs, pre-assembly can save up to two hours for every 1,000 washers used and will initially be available for popular lengths of TKR (carbon steel) fasteners, in combination with HTK 2G 50 mm ‘washer face’ telescopic tube-washers.

The EJOT ‘Grab Bag’ complements this, holding up to 500 fasteners and including an at-a-glance fastener identifier. Attached around the waist, the durable bag puts assembled combinations within easy reach at all times, adding efficiency and speed during installation.

The final innovation is the M6 x 600 mm extension bar. Offering simplicity in a click, this securely holds a threaded drive bit via a spring-loaded ball bearing mechanism.

This clamping function provides an audible ‘CLICK’ to signal a secure hold during installation, allowing the fasteners to be easily slid on and driven into place while the installer remains standing. The result is greater consistency, reduced wear and tear on the drive bit and… the installer’s back!

To find out more, or for technical support, email EJOT UK via or call 01977 687040.

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