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Welsh slate goes green with black

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Leading UK manufacturer WELSH SLATE is continuously identifying ways in which it can reduce the impact on the environment of its quarrying and manufacturing activities and at the same time maximise material yield.

Therefore it has expanded its product portfolio from the roofing slates the company is best known for, and which last for more than 100 years themselves (and are guaranteed for 100 years), to architectural and landscaping products such as cladding, flooring, paving, walling, work surfaces and aggregates.

As well as utilising every tonne of slate for its optimum performance and value, the company also minimises operational waste by re-using and recycling where possible and continuously looks to identify opportunities for use of operational process by-products.

Operating ISO 14001 environmental management systems across all its sites, its focus on driving continuous improvement in relation to environmental performance is infinite. This includes effectively managing energy consumption to reduce and minimise CO2 emissions.

It also involves adopting a future-proof focus on the use of new technologies, best practice, better techniques, more efficient processes, monitoring and measurement processes, and setting of objectives, targets and KPIs.

After extraction, the company prioritises the sympathetic restoration and reinstatement of its sites using natural materials and indigenous species to maintain and enhance the character of each location.

As a producer, investor, employer and consumer, the company ensures the provision of all the resources required, engaging with stakeholders (and in particular its local communities) to promote a collaborative approach to achieve this.

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Welsh slate
Welsh slate

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