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It’s time to start a wave of sustainable construction

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Danosa Living Roof System

At DANOSA, our mission is to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to improve the building envelope and people’s quality of life. We want to drive the future of roofing and making our industry sustainable is the key.

With more than 50 years’ experience across fi ve continents, we propose different systems that ensure watertightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, correct natural lighting and fire protection, all while leading with the environment at the forefront of our mind.

Over 40 per cent of the raw materials that we use in the creation of our products comes from recycled materials. We use the equivalent of 18 million EPS fish boxes to manufacture our XPS thermal insulation. Not only do we grant a second life to these waste materials, but we also see them as valuable resources: environmentally-friendly resources that don’t compromise the technical performance of the final product.

Danosa encourages you to choose sustainable, to choose a green future.

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Businesses are being called to be agents and drivers of economic and social change, to create a new, resilient and sustainable development sector. This change is essential if we want to consolidate prosperous businesses in stable environments. We can’t do this alone though. Sustainable construction is a challenge for the entire sector, including architects, developers, manufacturers, builders, installers, investors and distributors.

Manuel Del Rio, Chief Executive Officer of Danosa

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