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Continuous learning and upskilling in creating more sustainable roofs

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Many in the construction industry are focusing on sustainability which means the implementation of new skills and methods of installation. Paul Campbell, Marketing and Technical Director at BMI, discusses how continuous learning and upskilling is key.

BMI Paul Campbell

The construction industry is in a period of great change and transformation, the housing shortage requires innovation and radical thinking, the challenges of urbanisation and expanding cities mean we need to improve our facilities and infrastructure, all while protecting the environment for future generations.

Dame Judith Hackitt recommends a reform of building safety and a focus on ensuring that what we design will be safe, efficient and long-lasting. For roofs to meet these criteria and align with new building regulations, innovation across materials, processes, and roofing skills is vital.

Ongoing, regular training on new products, improved methods of installation, new tools and systems can close the gap and ensure that everyone, from experienced contractors right through to apprentices, is equipped with the right skills.

BMI’s flat roofing brand Icopal and pitched roofing brand Redland are paving the way for more energy-efficient, safe, and long-lasting roofing systems, but it will ultimately be the people designing, planning, installing, and maintaining them that will make the difference.

BMI also offers many ways to access in-depth training and skills development through The BMI Academy, which offers continued learning and upskilling opportunities to everyone in the roofing and waterproofing industry.

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