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TaperedPlus is set to reach record figures

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TAPEREDPLUS, a national leader in the design and supply of flat roofing, is on target to increase turnover by 26 per cent to more than £9 million.

The independent company has enjoyed a successful 2021/22, partly due to increased demand for insulation amid spiralling energy costs.

As well as improving thermal performance there is a move to upgrade older structures with non-combustible materials in anticipation of expected legislation changes, pressure from the insurance industry, and building owners wishing to future-proof their assets.

With its headquarters in Stockton-on-Tees, TaperedPlus has increased its turnover every year, apart from the 2020 pandemic year, since its 2014 launch by Aman Chahal and Rob Vass. In 2020/21 it recorded a £7.2 million turnover.

Aman Chahal, Chief Executive Officer, said: “We have an ambitious strategy in place to continue to expand the business in response to changes in legislation that will increase demand for our services.

The Grenfell Tower disaster has provided added urgency for the industry and regulators to improve fi re compliance standards going forward, which includes retrofitting legacy roofing structures.

In response to the current energy crisis and the race to meet Net Zero targets, there is renewed interest in using insulation systems that improve thermal performance, and reduce both heating costs and carbon emissions.

As well as supplying roofing materials, TaperedPlus, which has a technical design centre in Wolverhampton, is experienced at designing and supplying a range of insulation systems for commercial, industrial and domestic markets.

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Rob Vass and Aman Chahal of TaperedPlus
Chief Technical Officer Rob Vass and Aman Chahal, CEO of TaperedPlus

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