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Roofing from a different angle

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With a changing landscape regarding the use of insulation products in the construction industry, it makes sense to work with impartial experts when looking for advice and guidance.

Formed in 2014, TaperedPlus works with many manufacturers of waterproofing systems and insulation to ensure that the appropriate materials are used on a variety of roofing and external cladding projects. 

Chief Technical Officer, Rob Vass, plays an active part in technical committees across the roofing industry, advising on the interpretation of existing legislation and where improvements could be made in relation to performance and safety.

In recent times the use of the correct insulant in the construction or refurbishment of a building has been seen as a key factor in ensuring the safety of the occupants of the building in question. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you are offering the correct product for any application.


In the world of contracting, it is almost impossible to keep up-to-speed with technical innovations in so many product groups.

So having an expert on call who can provide technical support and advice in an area of construction under scrutiny at present is invaluable.

TaperedPlus’s specific area of expertise lies within the flat roofing element of construction, an ever-popular choice for designers due to speed of construction and cost-saving when compared against some pitched roof alternatives.

For more information, please contact or phone 01642 677342 or visit the website

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