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SAP reveals impressive energy efficiency of third Actis-insulated Scandia-Hus showhome

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A third show home created by timber frame specialist Scandia-Hus and insulated with Actis Hybrid products has achieved an impressive suite of energy efficiency and environmental performance parameters.

Its performance is captured in the as-built SAP calculation, which reveals an improvement of the dwelling emission rate of 35 per cent over the notional building specification and an improved fabric energy efficiency rate of 24.5 per cent. The 2,755 sq ft three-bedroom chalet bungalow at Scandia-Hus’s Sussex HQ also achieved an energy efficiency rating of B. And it has an impressively low level of air permeability, achieving an air leakage rate of 3.25 m3/hm2 at 50 Pa, with this number of air changes per hour falling way within the Building Regulations’ limiting or notional values of 10 and 5 m3/hm2 at 50 Pa respectively.
Actis The Mulberry inside

The home offers U-values of 0.14 in the roof and 0.16 in the walls, thanks to the installation of vapour control layer HControl Hybrid and 155 mm honeycomb design Hybris in the pitched roof and HControl Hybrid and 105 mm Hybris in the walls.

The eco-friendly property runs on an air-source heat pump, and the sustainably sourced timber used creates an air-tight structure.

Scandia-Hus trialled the Actis Hybrid system a few years ago on its first show  home, carrying out a thermal imaging exercise after completion which showed an impressive lack of thermal bridging.

Scandia-Hus MD Derek Dawson said: “Using Actis reduced installation time by up to 30 per cent. Other benefits were  minimal wastage and site cleanliness. And the range doesn’t produce irritant and messy dust when installing.

Actis The Mulberry Scandia-Hus showhome
The Mulberry is the third Scandia-Hus showhome to be insulated with Actis Hybrid products. The as-built SAP calculation showed its fabric energy efficiency rate is nearly 25% better than the target FEE.

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