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Roofing systems focused on performance and sustainability

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TN International roofing systems

TN International (TNi) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of insulation and roofing systems. As such, its innovative products are designed to improve the performance of the whole building envelope, protecting structures and their occupants as well as making them more energy-efficient than ever.

But that is not the only way TNi’s products support sustainability. The company’s approach is one of caring for the environment in the manufacture of products and their recycling, and contributing to the preservation of the environment and natural resources. This means rethinking what raw materials are used, how products are made, how they are packaged and how they are recycled at the end of their lifespan.

TNi’s factories are amongst the greenest in Europe, using lean production methods and closed-loop systems to minimise and recycle any waste materials and re-use energy and resources. The raw, recycled materials, such as rubber crumb from tyres and glass bottles, are sourced as locally as possible, and the numbers are very impressive; in 2020, TNi products used the equivalent of 500,000 tyres, 40,000 tons of waste oil and 180 million plastic bags, as well as 50,000 tons of recycled glass!

In addition, TNi’s plants are geographically located to reduce delivery miles, while extensive research and development make sure products minimise waste and are highly effective in use.

And with new ideas constantly being developed to safeguard our future as well as our buildings, TNi and its roofing materials are at the forefront of looking after our world.

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