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Recycling and reducing waste: Easy-Trim’s green journey continues

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Easy-Trim reducing waste

Over the years, environmental responsibility has become a centred focus for EASY-TRIM, holding the belief that sustainable business practice is imperative to long-term success.

The acquisition of Ecovyn Ltd saw manufacturer become recycler, and in 2021 it recycled 31,000 tonnes of scrap PVC. Investment into new technology has led to more streamlined production processes, eradicating waste and improving efficiency.

2021 also saw Easy-Trim packaging ‘go green’. By removing plastic sleeves from Verge U boxes and redesigning Cavity Closer packaging, single-use plastic consumption was reduced by 15 tonnes in the final quarter of 2021. While it continued to use FSC-certified cardboard, it also adopted a more efficient method of scrap cardboard disposal, recycling 10,000 kg in a five-month period.

Easy-Trim is well known for its marketing presence within the industry and in 2021 it took the brave step to host a paperless stand at UKCW. Removing all paper literature and planting trees instead, Easy-Trim’s aspiration to host a ‘Green Show’ was an award-winning success.

Offsetting its carbon footprint with trees was a welcome alternative to giveaways that are often destined for landfill. The concept continued throughout the year as ‘Green Friday’ replaced Black Friday and trees were planted instead of exchanging Christmas cards. By the end of 2021 it planted over 1,000 trees, sequestering an estimated 331 tonnes of CO2.

As Easy-Trim continue its green journey, it is a reminder that if we become a little less wasteful, it can go a long way to making British manufacturing more sustainable for a greener world.

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