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Recticel VIP panels for industry-best thermal performance in hard-to-reach spaces

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Deck-VQ® and Hydrodeck-VQ® vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are Recticel’s pioneering response to customer demand for insulation that maximises comfort and protection in limited space.


With Deck-VQ®, its ultra-thin vacuum insulation panel (VIP) is encased in PIR. Despite its slender form, Deck-VQ® delivers a thermal performance of 0.008 W/mK, whilst its VIP core provides a Lambda value of 0.006 W/mK. This makes the panel ideal for a wide range of flat-roof and terrace applications where insulation build-up thickness is an issue. Deck-VQ®‘s innovative composition—designed by Recticel’s renowned Research and Development Team—ensures the most complex refurbishment projects can be completed without costly structural changes. Compared to other VIP panels, Deck-VQ® is extremely easy to handle. It’s a benefit that comes into its own when working in hard-to-reach areas.
Recticel Deck-VQ roofing insulation


Ultra-thin Hydrodeck-VQ® is the ultimate solution for inverted roof applications where build-up thickness space is limited and regulation levels of energy performance are required. Its panel is fully encapsulated within a 1.5 mm-thick EPDM membrane, a simple, effective innovation that enshrines Hydrodeck-VQ®‘s performance and durability by providing a robust barrier against damp and moisture ingress.

As with Deck-VQ®, Hydrodeck-VQ® produces an industry-best lambda value of 0.006 W/mK and equally, its easy-to-install properties hallmark the VIP panel as a product specifically designed for installers and end users alike.

Recticel Hydrodeck-VQ roofing insulation

Excellent customer support comes as standard upon purchase of Deck-VQ® and Hydrodeck-VQ® panels. Therefore, Recticel’s technical teams are able to specify and design a VIP system in areas beyond the capability of traditional insulation solutions.

To discover how Deck-VQ® and Hydrodeck-VQ® VIP panels can benefit your next building project, please visit

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