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McCormack Partners launch roofing recruitment campaign

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McCormack Partners roofing recruitment campaign

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It has been a great achievement and a significant milestone for specialist roofing and cladding consultancy McCormack Partners to be welcomed into NFRC as a Service Provider Member and to receive support for both their recruitment services and their dedicated efforts in bridging the industry’s skills shortage and generation gap through their #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign.

Studies suggest that 87 per cent of roofing and cladding contractors are unable to source and hire specialist staff when they need them. This ‘recruitment headache’ can be made even worse when dealing with recruiters, the vast majority of whom are generalists, working across multiple sectors, with little knowledge of the nuances within the roofing and cladding industry.

#PeopleMakeRoofing is an initiative to promote the attractive career opportunities through schools, universities, and colleges across the UK, by shining a light on the industry’s key personalities and the diversity of exciting roles—highlighting the rewards and earning potential to inspire the younger generation to consider a career within our industry.

With deep roots in the industry, McCormack Partners began as a small family firm, but have since grown to become a prominent organisation, recognised as the only recruitment consultancy partnering exclusively with roofing and cladding companies.

Managing Director of TSL Ltd, Dexter Copeland, said: “McCormack Partners have recently secured seven members of staff for our business and the candidates that were brought to interview stages far exceeded anything we had experienced before in previous recruitment attempts. I can’t thank them enough for easing the pain of recruitment.

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