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Campaign aims to inspire our youth

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McCORMACK PARTNERS are much more than specialist recruiters; they are a bastion of positive and meaningful change who wish to leave a legacy on our industry by removing stigmas and creating pathways for young people, from all walks of life, to leave their own imprint on our market.

So in 2021 they launched their ambitious #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign.

Their promise is to deliver highly impactful campaign messages to young people in schools, colleges and universities across the UK, all in order to inspire the next generation to consider our vibrant, dynamic market as the launchpad for their careers.

In doing so Luke McCormack, Managing Director of McCormack Partners, said “(We can) play our part in tackling a much more complex problem: the industry’s long-standing skills gap crisis, owing to the misplaced and outdated stigmas surrounding our sector.

Their campaign, backed by popular industry professionals such as James Talman (NFRC), Sarah Spink (LRWA), Andy Williamson (SIG), Kate Whatley (SPV) and Dr Jonathan Evans (Ash & Lacy), is therefore a mission to shift perception from the stereotypes of construction work to the perks of the specialist careers available in our industry.

The #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign guests have shared stories of their respective careers and, in doing so, delivered inspiring career stories which demonstrate themes of personal achievement, belonging, success, recovery and, above all else, impact.

McCormack Partners are excited to share their campaign collateral on LinkedIn from later this year, which they say will illustrate how the industry is collectively bringing inspiring messages to young people across the UK.

McCormack Partners People Make Roofing campaign

We can play our part in tackling a much more complex problem

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