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Staying ahead of the curve through research and development

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Manufacturers must implement thorough research and development (R&D) before introducing solutions to the market. Nick King, Portfolio Manager at Klober, takes us through the process:

Identifying demand

Market research can be gathered through customer communication and research analysis. Customer feedback can be an initial indicator for development. However, it is vital that meticulous research is conducted, before any action is taken.

Project outlines

Once an agreement is reached in principle, product potential can be understood through a logistical lens. A detailed marketing brief may be prepared by outlining budgets, capex costs, price points and margins. Then, it is critical to understand volumes and storage capacity.

Quality in design

Klober implements extensive risk analysis and testing to provide quality assurance. A gated system is used in the form of a traffic-lighted document, whereby red risks are methodically highlighted. This is where testing is used to identify risks and so adjustments can be made to achieve amber or green criteria.

Organising storage

Following technical approval, the product must be systematically logged with codes and information such as weight and required pallet size. Before the point of sale, packaging requirements like box size and material should be considered. Klober places sustainability high on the agenda.

Communication and delivery

Prior to launch, sales teams should be on board with the product’s offerings and target market to ensure effective delivery. Then, departments from product management through to marketing must work closely together to ensure all stages are managed effectively. For more information, please visit
Nick King Klober Portfolio Manager
Nick King, Klober Portfolio Manager

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