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Sahtas: only the best will do

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At a time when greater scrutiny is placed on the production processes employed by manufacturers and suppliers, Sahtas has taken great care to ensure that it exceeds all international standards.

In 2020 Sahtas became an accredited ‘zero waste manufacturer’ with nothing sent to landfill. Fired products which do not meet rigorous quality standards are crushed and added back into the production process.

Sahtas roof tiles

Other materials, including glass, plastics, paper, sawdust and ash, are recycled and re-used.

Water is a very precious commodity and Sahtas obtains 50 per cent of its demand by harvesting rainwater. It also refines and purifies its waste water and re-uses it in the manufacturing process.

Sahtas owns its own clay reserves covering a 47 hectare site and has sufficient raw material for a further 60 years of continuous production. This area is certified and licensed to CED Environmental Effects Evaluation.

In order to reduce the impact of road transport it is now working with an international logistics partner to offer its customers deliveries directly from UK ports into their premises, bypassing the need for products to be brought into stock and then re-delivered and significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Sahtas also has a leading role in the sustainability of its management systems and, in particular, its employment practices. In a world where there is justifiable concern over slave labour and breaches of international employment laws, Sahtas has obtained accreditation from Sedex, an international auditing service. All Sedex members are committed to operating within a responsible supply chain and adhering to ethical trading standards, including labour rights, care of the environment and sound business ethics.

For further information visit or call 01604 434909.

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