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Fixing innovation streamlines installation of tapered insulation

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EJOT roof fixing
EJOT roof fixing
The JBS-R/EcoTek fastening system used to attach cut to falls (tapered) insulation on a flat roof concrete deck—three different depths of insulation due to the gradient fixed into place with only one fastener.

EJOT has developed a new mechanical fastener solution to help save time and money when installing flat roofing with tapered insulation.

The JBS-R/EcoTek combination brings together a high-performing concrete screw (JBS-R 7.5) with a high-quality telescopic tube-washer (EcoTek) to provide a fixing solution that adjusts to fit the required depth of insulation. It is universally suitable, providing a solution for mineral fibre, EPS, XPS and PIR tapered insulation.

Suitable for any insulation depth of between 70 mm and 590 mm, this solution uses fewer fastener/washer combinations than current mechanical fixing approaches—up to 25 per cent fewer on a slope insulation of 120 – 260 millimetres, subject to the application, a site survey and pull-out test.

Installation is easy as only one embedment depth is needed, whatever the insulation thickness. Adjustability is achieved thanks to the innovative way the EcoTek tube-washer is driven into place using a custom tool with the fastener already in place.

Where insulation is especially deep, EJOT’s flanged A-cone and extension can be used to eliminate the awkwardness of drilling deep using standard SDS drills.

This new EJOT product combination also simplifies ordering and stockholding for contractors as there is no need to source a variety of different concrete screws and stress plates. And it performs long-term too, through the use of quality materials in its manufacture—the JBS-R concrete screw is manufactured from case-hardened steel, and the EcoTek tube-washer is formed from high-grade plastic.

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