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EverRoof combines artificial green roof systems with ground-breaking air technology

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Already recognised as market pioneers in the artificial grass market in the UK for landscaping applications, the EVERGREENS UK group also supplies artificial green roof systems from its EverRoof division.

EverRoof Artificial Green Roof
Transforming previously unusable and unsightly roof spaces into beautiful green multi-functional areas, EverRoof offers the only artificial green roof systems to hold classifications for wind and fire resistance. Tested to UK and EU standards, the systems can resist wind speeds of at least 100 mph without any sign of lifting or distress. The system’s innovation does not stop there. Mindful of the environment and with pollution and air quality at the forefront of its development, EverRoof is adding a new pollution-busting option to its range: EverRoof AIR®.

The new range utilises ground breaking AIR technology which eradicates not only noxious particles, but also unpleasant lingering odours from pets and any threat of mould, moss or algae. Not only is the AIR range self-cleaning, but it also looks impressive and contributes to a healthier and cleaner atmosphere, eliminating the reliance on biocides and pesticides along the way.

AIR is suitable for gardens, play areas and public open spaces, as well as roof and podium landscapes as part of a fire- and wind-tested classified system.

For further information about EverRoof systems and the AIR range for domestic, commercial and public landscape projects, call 01572 766 912 or visit

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