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EJOT launches next generation BA Plus through-bolt range

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EJOT anchor bolt installation
EJOT BA Plus anchor bolts

EJOT has upgraded its range of ETA-approved through-bolts—also known as anchor bolts or wedge anchors—with the launch of its new BA Plus range of Option 1 anchors for both cracked and non-cracked concrete applications.

This new generation of higher performing torque-controlled expansion anchors delivers additional benefits and new application potential, including for installation in a variety of hard base materials such as natural stone.

BA Plus allows the required installation torque to be achieved with 30 – 50 per cent fewer revolutions. New M8 and M10 through-bolts can now be also used for anchoring in to concrete up to 20 mm thinner. And on-site errors are reduced via a setting depth which is clearly marked to the thread, plus anchor length letter coding is marked on every bolt head.

BA Plus through-bolts are suitable for all the most typical cracked and non-cracked concrete applications ≥ C20/25 up to the seismic Option 1 performance, with an A4 stainless steel option for enhanced corrosion resistance.

The range is backed with a European Technical Assessment (ETA) providing a dependable solution for applications, including steel structures, column base plates, heavy duty racking, cable racks, handrails and facades. BA Plus is complemented by EJOT’s new range of through-bolts for Option 7 non-cracked concrete applications, BA-C NC. A class-leading anchor for many other applications including warehouse racking and stadium seating, this also offers the third-party assurance of an ETA.

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