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Danelaw produces game-changing plain tile solution

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Danelaw plain tile solution

An interlocking dry-verge system for plain tiles is the latest innovation in the Danelaw product range.

Designed by Hambleside Danelaw and launched in March 2020, InVerg® is a game-changing solution for the plain tile market.

InVerg® is a patented*, never-before-seen, interlocking dry-verge system, suitable for most machine-made single and double-cambered clay and concrete plain tile types.

The verge units consist of two blades that slot in between the corresponding course of plain tiles, preventing weather ingress and carrying out any excess water and debris down the channels and out at the eaves, minimising staining of the verge and gable end.

In combination with a stepped edge and smooth lap joints, this design allows for a streamlined outer appearance of the verge units as they rest discretely in line with the edge and course of the tiles.

BS 8612-compliant, InVerg® completes a plain tile dry-fix roof. It is made from high-heat, distortion-resistant and UV-stabilised recycled polypropylene with a 15-year service life guarantee.
Available in a range of tile-suited colours, InVerg® is the perfect choice for plain tile roofs and already has the thumbs-up from many contractors.

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