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Are you in the LOOP?

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Every year around 18 million pallets are made exclusively for the UK construction industry, the vast majority of which are used once, then skipped or scrapped. In fact, up to ten per cent of the construction waste stream is estimated to be pallets—a statistic that is shocking environmentally, but also expensive and time-consuming for those who have to deal with their disposal. By the end of this year, the issue posed by waste pallets will become less problematic thanks to The Pallet LOOP. Shifting the sector from the existing model of ‘deliver, distribute, discard’ to ‘recover, repair, re-use’, The Pallet LOOP is giving the humble white pallet a much-needed makeover. With a range of distinctive green pallets that have been engineered to last, and a network of collection hubs nationwide, The Pallet LOOP will pick up pallets from building sites, actively eliminating avoidable pallet waste from the building materials supply chain.
PalletLOOP green coloured pallets stacked
Pallet Loop pallets on forklift

Material manufacturers will pay a deposit per pallet (plus an issue fee) to The Pallet LOOP Ltd

  • LOOP pallets are delivered to the manufacturer’s site, ready for loading/onward distribution
  • As pallets move through the supply chain, the deposit passes from manufacturer to merchant to builder 
  • Once materials reach their final destination, the pallets should be stacked and stored ready for collection
  • LOOP users then book a collection (for a small charge) via the website, app or by phone
  • From as few as 72 hours later, The Pallet LOOP will pick up the pallets and refund the deposit.

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