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Trust Paslode for all your roof fixing needs

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Over many years PASLODE has built an enviable reputation for delivering best-in-class nailing systems, revolutionising construction methods and reducing labour time while increasing product reliability and on-site safety.

Paslode has a selection of tools to make your roofing projects quicker and easier while ensuring that you always achieve the best possible quality fix by offering solutions for a range of different roofing applications.

At the outset of your roof construction, particularly when laying roof battening, boarding and flat roofing, the Paslode 360Xi framing nailer provides the perfect fixing solution. The tool boasts an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio, promoting all-day productivity.

The Paslode PPNXi tool provides an efficient and safe way of installing hangers, brackets and straps, thanks to an innovative locator probe that accurately delivers a hardened twist nail in the precise required location.

Finally, when fixing metal roofing, the IM45 cordless coil nailer has been proven to increase productivity on site by as much as 40 per cent, which also has an impact on costs, saving you precious time and money in comparison to traditional hand-nailing methods.

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Paslode roof fixing tools

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