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The whirlpool evolution

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WJ Horrods products

As a small family business designing, developing, and manufacturing equipment for the past 70 years, we are astonished to find that equipment is still coping with today’s market needs.

Horrods’ Director of Works, Terry Horrod Snr, said: “Our one-ton Whirlpool mixer is a good example of this; it was designed in the late ’80s, using a belt-driven or ‘fast and loose’ system, powered with a manual gearbox, for the sole purpose of hot-charge car park work. The vertically-stirred asphalt mixer can be used for block asphalt or hot charge material directly from a tanker. This gives it the advantage over a hot charge dumper, which could not be used for block material, hence the need to bring in a conventional mixer for the up-stand work after the flat was laid.

Ten years later, the Whirlpool had a facelift; its belt drive was replaced with hydraulics, and it was renamed the SwiftMelt Mastic Asphalt Mixer. It comes in various sizes, with a thermostat-controlled burner, for use in the civil engineering sector where materials require a set temperature.

The most popular is the 500 kg Static, used for numerous roofing materials, such as Permascreed, with a 500 kg mobile unit used in the civil engineering sector with IKO Paco-Patch Asphalt for iron works and gullies.

The versatility of the machine has increased recently with some minor alterations and is now being used to recycle materials, as well as mixing a variety of materials in the civil engineering sector.

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