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The Cedral world just got bigger

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Cedral roof tiles

CEDRAL is bringing together its roofing and façade solutions, so that more beautiful, resilient and sustainable homes can be built.

Formerly under the brand name of Eternit, it is the UK’s most experienced company when it comes to fibre cement slates, and is proud to have been putting roofs over heads for decades.

With more cement and fibres than any other, Cedral slates are the strongest slates in the market and tough enough to withstand the most volatile weather conditions. Cedral offers a range of slate to provide complete design flexibility.

Cedral Rivendale slates are designed to reflect the qualities of natural slate, at a fraction of the cost. Available in Blue-Black or Cromleigh Graphite, Rivendale slates have a beautifully textured surface and dressed edges.

Cedral Birkdale slates have a smooth surface and dressed edges, offering a traditional and pleasing look of a natural slate at an affordable price.

Cedral Thrutone Smooth slates are a low-profile fibre cement slate that features a smooth surface and square-cut edges for a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing finish. They are particularly suitable for complex roof geometries.

Cedral Thrutone Textured slates have an attractive textured surface with square edges which enhances the overall aesthetic quality of your roof and home.

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