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Cedral launches its own roofing accessory range

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Cedral roofing accessories

Cedral is excited to announce the introduction of its own range of roofing accessories to complement its popular fibre cement slates.

This new portfolio of products will include a range of fittings and accessories for pitched roof ventilation, verges, ridges and hips and general fixings.

Main roof ventilation

The main roof ventilation range includes an in-line slate vent designed to offer 10,000 mm2 free area and is available in two sizes. A large capacity vent has also been introduced, supplied with a click-on multi-adaptor to accommodate pipes down to 110 mm, a felt weir and flexipipe.

Cedral vergesVerges

Cedral’s range of verge trims will offer trims to suit new roofs and renovated, existing roofs.

Ridges and hips

The existing fittings range is expanding to include a new dry ridge ventilation strip and end cap. Cedral already offers a comprehensive range of 900 mm fibre cement ridges, but the smaller, 525 mm fibre cement ridges are now available. All Cedral ridges can be used with the dry ridge ventilation system.

General fixings—new slater’s tub

Alongside copper nails and copper disc rivets, Cedral is now offering its very own slater’s tub. The tub is designed to sit safely between the battens of the roof and contains enough nails and rivets to cover a pallet of slates, making it easy to order the correct amount required for any project.

For further information about Cedral Roof’s range of fittings and accessories, please call 01283 501555.

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