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Sika Sarnafil expands offering on certified thermal details

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BRE-certified thermal details meet the continuing emphasis on sustainable buildings and an increasing need for data that can prove a building’s green credentials.

sika sarnafil bre certified thermal details

Sarnafil has updated its suite of new build details, including all deck types and systems to ensure specifiers have the most comprehensive details available when choosing a roofing system.

The initial selection of certified details was launched by the company a few years ago and according to Martin Bidewell, Sika Roofing’s Head of Technical and Product Management have found an enthusiastic user base. “It was important to start with the most widely-used details but now, working with BRE we have been able to extend the service further and now have over 50 certified details available. For added clarity we have updated, redrawn and reformatted the remainder of our existing new build standard details to give them a modern, clearer and consistent appearance.

All Sarnafil’s standard details, including those certified by BRE, comply with the most up-to-date terminology and relevant regulations quick and aim to be efficient way of tackling thermal calculations.

Research has shown that thermal bridging can be responsible for up to 30 per cent of a building’s heat loss.

Manufacturers and designers have recognised the value of accurate and independently assessed thermal performance values with downloads increasing all the time,” Martin continued: “Anything that is going to help address the potential heat loss of a building and make calculations simpler is going to find an audience. By updating and increasing the details available this service is now even stronger.

The details are available for free via Sarnafil’s download centre.

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