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SFS Rainscreen Subframe Systems—More than just a helping hand

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Rainscreen cladding solutions feature on many different types of property, from apartment blocks and hotels to schools and railway stations, while the build-up behind the visible panels is relied upon to ensure their performance benefits extend to far more than being a first line of defence against the weather.

With this need for multi-functionality, industry specialist SFS has developed its offering on rainscreen cladding support systems to achieve an installation which delivers the required thermal, structural, fire and other performance targets in a safe and economic manner.

The manufacturer’s NVELOPE1 range supports concealed and visible fastened systems to meet most project’s aims while SFS Thermal Solutions ensures that the crucial challenge of closing the ‘Performance Gap’ can be adequately addressed. This requires not only understanding how the system can be correctly and efficiently installed on site; it also demands precise thermal modelling of the subframe to minimise point loss thermal bridging compromising the overall energy performance of the system.

While the SFS bracketry is designed for speed and ease of installation, as well as to accommodate normal variations in the construction tolerances of the masonry or metal framed structure, the systems within the NVELOPE Thermal Solutions range also offer a choice of performance points and the NVS+Thermal system is certified under the Passivhaus component standard.

The NVELOPE VB and HB ranges are produced in aluminium. (NV+Thermal and HB+Thermal are also compatible with SFS Thermal Pad). Then the NVELOPE NVS and NVS+ ranges offer the far lower thermal transmittance characteristics of 316 Stainless Steel, with a non-compressible thermal pad included to achieve the optimum U-values.

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