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Safety in social housing is driving ONE Warranty uptake

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Construction projects in the social housing sector have been one of the key drivers behind a big rise in the uptake of SIG Roofing’s ONE Warranty says Procurement Director Steve Pearson.

terrace housing roof
Over the past 12 months SIG Roofing has seen applications of its ONE Warranty more than double to 139%, the most noticeable rise coming from decision-makers on large projects requesting a warranty as part of the project specification. Although not directly related, the tragedy of Grenfell Tower has certainly been an influencing factor in the clamour for even more robust procurement documentation on construction projects, such as warranties. Just recently, the roofing contractors on two very large social housing projects reported that the construction firms responsible for building them insisted on ONE Warranty being put in place to provide robust documentation that covers all the materials used in the project. It’s clear that the effects of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower are now rippling through the construction industry, and ONE Warranty reflects SIG Roofing’s commitment to providing robust choice and variety for everyone in the supply chain, including architects, developers, contractors and property owners. More widely, the increase in the uptake highlights the pivotal role that SIG Roofing is able to play in supporting the roofing sector by giving genuine peace of mind about the quality and performance of all the materials used on a roofing project.
“There is no hidden agenda—we just wanted to provide a warranty that is easy to understand and even easier to use”
We are well aware that the roofing sector does have a choice of warranty schemes; however, the growth in the usage of ONE Warranty reflects the fact that it covers the widest range of pitched roofing coverings from the UK’s leading manufacturers—and there are no strings attached. There is no hidden agenda—we just wanted to provide a warranty that is easy to understand and even easier to use and covers pitched roof product performance for 15 years in a single warranty to cover all of the key elements of a roof. ONE Warranty covers slate, clay, reproduction stone, concrete and fibre cement slate, and as its name suggests, there is one warranty for the roof, one supplier for the goods and warranty, one warranty registration process and one contact to process a claim. When it was launched, there was a feeling that it would ideally appeal to smaller contractors on smaller projects; however, as we’ve seen from the social housing sector, ONE Warranty is being stipulated on large projects as well. Why? Because architects, developers, contractors and even property owners can recommend the right materials for the job, and they will invariably be covered by ONE Warranty. The owners of buildings can use whatever materials they like to create something stunning with the added peace of mind that the roof is covered for 15 years.

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