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Proctor Air® Added to Next Generation Products at A. Proctor Group

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Innovation has run through the Proctor family since its earliest records, and since taking over in 2012, Managing Director, Keira Proctor has continued this tradition, building on this foundation of trust, honesty, and hard work from the very same desk where her father and grandfather made them the company they are today.

The A. PROCTOR GROUP LTD has been at the forefront of pitched roofing membrane technology for over 25 years. 

25 years working with our partners across the construction industry, helping to evolve standards, and delivering quality results on projects across the UK and around the world. Proctor Air® is the result of this quarter century of experience on sites and on drawing boards, listening and responding to the challenges faced by the industry.

The next evolution of roofing underlay technology; Proctor Air has been developed and manufactured to our precise specifications and requirements. 

This ensures the on-site performance of our material mirrors the off-site performance, while a 15 year warranty ensures peace of mind for any project, now and in the future. Hydrophobic additive in all three layers of this next generation product amplifies water holdout, and this, alongside optimised levels of permeability to both air and moisture vapour, Proctor Air delivers the most robust and dependable performance. 

This means Proctor Air can be specified on all roof types not just without low- and high-level ventilation, or a vapour control layer, but with confidence.

After 25 market-leading years, The A. Proctor Group are once again pushing roofing forward and embracing the future of membrane technology. 

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