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Paslode for Roofers – They’ve Got You Covered!

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PASLODE has a reputation for delivering best-in-class nailing systems, revolutionising construction methods and reducing labour time while increasing product reliability and on-site safety.

When completing your roofing projects, there’s a selection of tools and fixings to make your job quicker and easier without compromising on quality, providing solutions for a range of different roofing applications.

THE 360XI FOR BATTENING When laying roof battening, boarding and flat roofing, the Paslode 360Xi framing nailer provides the perfect fixing solution. The tool boasts an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio, promoting all-day productivity.

BS5534-COMPLIANT—PASLODE NAILS HAVE YOU COVERED The 63 x 3.1 Paslode nail for both the IM350 and 360Xi systems are tested and proven to equal or better the performance requirement set out in BS5534. For Paslode, it’s not just about what’s on the outside—it’s what’s on the inside that counts! And you can trust the quality of the 63 x 3.1 Paslode fixing to meet your roofing requirements.

FOR METAL ROOFING—THE IM45 GN COIL NAILER When fixing metal roofing, the IM45 cordless coil nailer has been proven to increase productivity on-site by as much as 40%, saving you precious time and money in comparison to traditional hand-nailing methods.

NEW FOR 2024—MEET THE PASLODE ROOFING TEAM Paslode has increased its focus and commitment to the roofing market by having a dedicated team working closely with key industry partners to provide the best product, service and knowledge. 

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