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NFRC gives thumbs up to Langley Training Centre

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Langley Training Centre
Langley Training Centre
Langley Training Centre

I am really impressed with the variety of the rigs, the layout of the centre and the enthusiasm of the tutors and trainees.

This was the response of NFRC’s National Account Manager, Steve Laurence, when visiting the new LANGLEY TRAINING CENTRE in Daventry.

Mark Dunn, Head of Training, Langley Waterproofing Systems Limited, explained that they pride themselves on training and upskilling, offering accessible training at dedicated centres in the north, the Midlands and the south.

As part of our commitment to bringing through the next generation of installers, we are proud to be training 72 apprentices under the new Government Waterproof Membrane Installer apprenticeship,” he said.

Langley also assists with all funding applications, taking the stress away from the employer which allows them to concentrate on running their business.

Mark added: “With the apprentices we teach, safety is paramount, so we ensure all apprentices understand and are fully compliant with the NFRC guidelines on Safe2Torch.

We carry out a four-week Safe2Torch training course, which ensures that when an apprentice needs to work with a gas torch, he or she fully understands when to remove the naked flame because of the fire risk and substitute it with a hot-air welder and self-adhesive membranes.

We are confident that all these young people will pass their apprenticeships and go on to have a very rewarding career in the roofing industry. It’s about giving something back to the industry by delivering roofing excellence.

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