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New Solar PV Course Launched by Marley

2 mins

As demand for solar PV systems on roofscapes increases, MARLEY has launched a new training course to help roofing contractors enhance their knowledge in the technology and expand their business opportunities.

The SolarTile® Installation in-person training courses cover the theory behind solar PV technology and the practical steps needed to ensure a safe and compliant installation.

The one-day sessions, held at Marley’s training centre in Burton-upon-Trent, offer a comprehensive and in-depth overview of solar PV, how it works, solar PV system design, practical installation training, and tips to consider for complex system arrays.

The course guides attendees through the solar PV installation accreditation process, explaining the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and covers the District Network Operator scheme. 

The training course also provides installation guidance on how to install SolarTile®, Marley’s integrated solar PV solution, and complementary accessories such as ArcBox, as well as sharing how energy generation calculations are undertaken.

Daniel Redfern, Marketing Manager at Marley, commented: “To meet the forecast growth in solar specification, more roofing contractors with the required skills and accreditations are needed to ensure that UK homes and buildings can access renewable energy. 

The training sessions will assist those in the roofing industry to gain an in-depth understanding of solar PV and its role as an important renewable solution. It will also provide those attending with the practical steps around installation so that contractors are confident with the technology, enabling them to expand their business into the world of renewable technology.

In addition, the course contents will ensure attendees fully comprehend the role of installation accreditation and permissions so that they can focus on delivering best practice and remaining compliant at all times.

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