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NFRC and GRO publish green roof fire guidance

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NFRC and GRO aim guidance at designers, contractors and building owners

In response to the tragic events at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017, an expert group including members of the NFRC and the Green Roof Organisation (GRO) reviewed the Green Roof Code of Practice 2014 and have produced new guidance in the form of The Green Roof Organisation GRO Fire Risk Guidance Document.

The document provides best practice for green roofs in respect of fire risk and the spread of fire for designers, contractors and building owners. GRO recommends that the document should be used in conjunction with Building Regulations Approved Document B and Department for Communities and Local Government document “Fire Performance of Green Roofs and walls, as well as the Guidelines 2014”, plus GRO advises the reader of their responsibilities in law under The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

A spokesperson for the NFRC explained the crucial role this guidance will play in both the specification and installation of green roofs: “The Grenfell Tower tragedy has rightly put fire safety in the spotlight and our industry must do all it can to prevent such an incident happening again, beginning with much clearer guidance. This applies as much to the green roof sector as others and the GRO Fire Guidance Document will provide additional clarity for all those involved in their specification, design and installation.

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