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Longworth Building Services forges a way ahead for greener projects

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The NFRC Trade Member, Longworth Building Services, is working with Willmott Dixon and NFRC’s North West Region to run and share learnings from project trials for carbon and waste reduction.

Following the delivery of carbon and waste reduction sessions at the Willmott Dixon Supply Chain conference last year, links have been forged between Longworth Building Services and NFRC’s (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) North West region. The collaboration is aiming to share learnings around sustainability, as well as health and safety and social value, with the wider construction industry, to aid the transition to more sustainable projects, with reduced carbon and waste.

Longworth Building Services working with Willmott Dixon
Pictured (L to R): Holly Cooper, Trainee Environmental Manager, Willmott Dixon; Melissa Fazackerley, SHEQ Manager, Longworth; Juliet Thompson, Regional Manager, NFRC; Alison Brough, Principal Environmental Manager, Willmott Dixon; Dean Butler, SHEQ Advisor, Longworth

Juliet Thompson, Regional Manager of NFRC’s North West England and Wales Region, came to see what Longworth are undertaking on some projects with Willmott Dixon. Using a more sustainable approach to projects from day one, is a way of thinking that Longworth will be using as it runs case studies, tracking and analysing the projects from planning to the start of building to completion in order to understand the true environmental and social impact.

Methods of carbon reduction that Longworth plan to test include:

  • The switch to HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) from diesel in construction plant, saving up to 90 per cent CO2 emissions
  • Scheduling of materials and deliveries on site, to minimise vehicles on the road
  • Consideration of the carbon content in the materials chosen/specified for the project, using local resources where possible.

Waste reduction measures to be trialled include:

  • Optimising design of the materials available to ensure minimal waste
  • Off-site cutting of materials and palletising to support the sequential install
  • Working with the supply chain to reduce the amount of single use packaging materials
  • Connecting with local communities to see where materials are able to be donated and upcycled for other purposes.

Collaboration between Longworth and Willmott Dixon has meant different perspectives have been present, so that those involved have been able to learn from each other and move towards more efficient ways of working that benefit the environment, business and local economies.

Longworth and Willmott Dixon are working with wider industry and are actively seeking further involvement from other business to encourage collaborative working in the industry for optimal results over competitive working.

If you would like to get involved or hear more, Melissa Fazackerley, SHEQ Manager at Longworth Building Services would like to hear from you.

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