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Kytun—constructing weathertight and durable buildings has never been more important

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Kytun dry verge systems

Studies of climate change are showing growing evidence that daily average wind speeds over much of North America, Europe and Asia have increased by around seven per cent since 2010. The main cause is ‘differential heating’, which is the difference in temperature between different areas.

Similarly, the UK and Ireland’s climate is becoming wetter as average temperatures rise. Rainfall events are becoming more frequent and are heavier, with the increasing likelihood of extreme weather events such as floods and heatwaves.

This means that designing and constructing weathertight and durable buildings, and in particular roofs, has never been more important.

Kytun designs and manufacturers a huge range of roofing products in both uPVC and aluminium and is easily the UK and Ireland’s largest producer of aluminium roofing systems.

While PVC and other plastics are extremely-popular materials for dry-fix verge systems, aluminium is increasingly being seen as a superior alternative material for roofing products. As well the environmental benefits of aluminium, it also offers some great advantages over uPVC.

Kytun aluminium dry-verge systems incorporate a patented ‘Drip System’ which has a drainage channel that will not only prevent water from running down the wall but will drain water all the way down to the eaves gutters, thus preventing water from dripping over the verge edge.

The Kytun aluminium systems are available in all good roofing stores.

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