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Key considerations when choosing ladders for safe rooftop access

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When specifying a ladder to facilitate roof access, it is important to ensure you are choosing the correct system to meet your project’s specific requirements.

This includes identifying the reason for access to the roof and the frequency of access required. It is also crucial to determine whether tools and equipment will need to be transferred through the access hatch, or solely roofing professionals.

Bilco UK’s in-house design and engineering teams work closely with roofing contractors to manufacture special ladder applications that are custom-made to meet the project’s specific requirements.

Maintaining floor space and ensuring walkways are kept clear is a common challenge when choosing ladders for roof access, which is why fixed vertical retractable ladders, where the lower section of the ladder can be retracted when not required, is a popular and convenient choice.

When contractors need to travel across the roof for maintenance and access reasons, it can be a challenge to navigate the roof safely if there are potential trip hazards such as wires and ducting.

Bilco UK manufactures a range of aluminium stepovers that can be seamlessly fitted over obstructions to provide a stable hand-railed platform that enables individuals to get from one area of the roof to another safely and quickly. As the stepovers feature weighted big foots it eliminates any requirement for roof penetration, therefore avoiding any risk of leaks or drafts. Stepovers can be installed with either companionway steps or fixed vertical steps, depending on the available space on the roof.

For further information on Bilco UK’s complete range of roof access solutions, visit or call 01284 701696.

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