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Hawthorns Care Home

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Attention to detail and efficient delivery helped Ithaca Roofing give the client a quality roof ahead of schedule, which resulted in the single-ply award from the UK Roofing Awards.

Hawthorns Care Home single-ply roof

Drying tiles takes seven and a half days (gable tiles are bigger and take 14 days to dry). It is very important to dry them slowly so that the inside dries before the outside skin. If there’s any moisture left trapped inside the tiles, they will explode in the kiln.

At a glance

  • Project: Hawthorns Care Home
  • Roofing Awards 2018: Winner of the Single Ply category
  • Location: Northampton
  • Roof covering: Single Ply
  • Client: Avery Healthcare Group
  • Main Contractor: Natta Building Company
  • Roofing Contractor: Ithaca Roofing
  • Supplier: Sika Trocal
Hawthorns Care Home single-ply roof complexity


The most complex elements of the project were the installation of the Sika Trocal drip detail over the render, which meant ensuring that the lines of the parapet looked as sharp as possible. This involved a lot of snipping of laminate trims and detail welding to suit. The project’s complexity was enhanced with the inclusion of six balconies, two terraces and a car park podium. Each required a high-quality waterproof system in the form of Sika Trocal SGmA, ballasted roof waterproofing membrane build-up and paving finish. In total, we provided 3,000 sqm of waterproof roofing.


In addition to the roof’s main body, Ithaca Roofing installed 1.5 m parapets, which presented a challenge because each huge section had to fit precisely in order to create a crisp, uniform finish to the building’s edges.
Hawthorns Care Home single-ply roof workmanship


Workmanship needed to be at its highest level, chased and returned into the brick work so that the terrace roof upstand details looked their best above the paving. There were many penetrations throughout the main roof, including valley lines, which meant ensuring the details would not fail. Ithaca Roofing installed Sika Trocal’s Type ‘S’ system to the building’s two main roofs which covered a 2,300 sqm area. Aided by the membrane’s light, easy-handling ability, installers worked quickly and concisely to minimise disruption to other nearby trades and avoid project delays. This required implementing the highest safety standards to eliminate the potential for on-site injury. Despite its complexity, the project was competed ahead of the client’s deadline so that the care home could be opened in the summer of 2018. A man-safe rail was also fitted so that future roof inspections or maintenance could be carried out without incident.

Ithaca Roofing says

We at Ithaca Roofing strive to ensure each project is carried out to the high standards we have come to be accustomed to.  We will continue to impress our clients with the workmanship that was portrayed at the Hawthorns

About Ithaca Roofing

Established in 2004, Ithaca has extensive experience in the roofing industry carrying out both new and re-roof works together with reactive and planned maintenance. Ithaca has established a track record of delivering services to main contractors, local authorities, NHS, a range of housing associations and as well as residential customers.

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